German Excellence Only In German School Germany

Germans are scrupulous, meticulous and extremely particular in all that they do. This is reflected in the extremely high standards and quality of their products and services. When it is a matter of learning German, learn German in Berlin in ESL partner language school. a prime example of German excellence in German school Germany.  There are courses for adults conducted in partner schools in Freiburg while Westerwald has a specialization in excellent summer camps for youngsters in the age group 13 to 17.


German is spoken and used in Germany as well as Austria and Switzerland. One can choose Austria or Switzerland, but when you learn a language, knowing about its historic origins, experiencing the typical German ambience and culture gives a student a better feel and a deeper understanding with clearer insights. This is one reason to learn German in Berlin, a city with a rich cultural and historic heritage. A prime German school Germany, the Berlin partner school conducts classes in a modern building with all amenities, with a computer room with internet access and a cafeteria on campus for refreshments. Accommodation is arranged with host families, hotels or shared accommodation. Students can of course opt to make their arrangements to stay. A stay with a host family is recommended as a way to experience German lifestyle first hand, know its culture and way of living from close culture and thus gain a better understanding of the finer nuances of German language.



Learn German in Berlin through the standard course, the intensive course, the private course,  the premium course, the exam prep course or the combi course. Students have flexibility in selecting the course and the level and can progress right up to the advanced level, communicating in German like a native German does. German schools Germany offer students plenty of organized leisure time trips  and excursions to gain deeper insights into the culture and way of life here.  Leisure time activities in Berlin can be exciting, with so many night clubs and entertainment venues. There are museums, exhibitions, guided city tours, visits to Potsdam or bike rides to Wannsee.


Youngsters in the age group 13 to 17 will love the superbly organized and wonderfully located summer German camp in Westerwald. Designed to teach German to non-German speaking youngsters from across the world, the summer camp fosters a sense of camaraderie and friendship in joint activites in learning German as well as in leisure time activities. 

Freiburg as an alternative to Berlin has an equally well equipped school, yet another model of excellence showcasing German schools Germany. World class facilities, typical German ambience and a traditional lifestyle in this town expose students from across the world to a rich culture, enhanced by a stay with a host family. Course ware is the same and quality of teaching is exceptionally high. Whether you choose to learn German in Berlin or in verdant Freiburg, you receive exceptionally high standard of education as also services to ease your path.