English Courses in England or the USA?

Anyone contemplating a study of English language would be faced with the choice of English courses in England or learning in an English school in USA. Each country has its attraction. England, the home of English language has its typically English traditions and customs anyone wishing to learn English would want to become familiar with. The clipped British accent, the Gaelic accent in Scotland or the Irish way of speaking English all have their own charm. Scones, muffins and tea in England are like no other in the world so if you are looking to learn English, then English courses in England are the way to go. Taught perfectly in partner ESL schools located across England and in Scotland, these courses combine learning with unique travel experiences. A student from across the world immerses himself in local cultures and customs through a stay in a typically British host family.


ESL partner schools offering world class education, plenty of leisure time activity and accommodation, are located in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Bath, Bristol, London, Margate, Bournemouth, Chester, Cheltenham, York, Liverpool, Manchester, Torbay and Worthing. Edinburgh in Scotland has excellent partner schools with native English speaking teachers conducting classes in an informal way through group activity and role playing. English tinged with a Gaelic accent; it can be so easy and pleasant on the ears. York, another location, has quite a different, more traditional English accent and if you learn and stay here you are exposed to local English influences and the unique style of speaking English prevalent here.  If you like you can undertake English courses in England in Cambridge and Oxford, ancient seats of learning with a scholarly air prevailing in these towns.


Fly over to the USA to learn English in USA and this can be an altogether different experience. From coast to coast, border to border, the way English is spoken here varies. People on the East Coast and people on the West coast have their own style of speaking and are immediately recognizable. You may love the Bostonian style or the laid back drawl of Texas or the twang of California and can learn English in USA in any of the superbly equipped schools conducting standard courses, intensive courses, business courses, TOEFL and Cambridge courses, across the length and breadth of USA. Uniformly high level of teaching (local teachers with local accents impress their style on you and pretty soon you too speak in the same style!) combined with excellent accommodation and leisure time activities take learning to a different level when you set out to learn English in USA in any of its gorgeous cities.  While course structure and materials and methods of teaching more or less are the same as English courses in England, life and learning here give you different experiences. Whichever country you select, it is money well spent and knowledge acquired that will endure as will the immersion in local culture that enriches learning and your life.