How to Write Essay Without Mistakes

There are several most wide-spread mistakes in essay writing, which may be unnoticed to writers, but are visual to experienced examiners.

 You'll ask: How to write my essay without doing regular mistakes? Let's try to get to know this.

  • Submitting handwriting essays, it is going to be really hard to avoid misspelled words. But very often even MS Word cannot see those, so the best option is proofreading.
  • The 2-nd type of essay writing mistakes is editorial mistakes, such as usage of “it's” and “its” incorrectly.
  • One of the most frequent mistakes is usage of Passive Voice – try not to use it at all or discourage to minimal. Be very careful with verb “to be” – do not confuse active voice with passive voice of this verb.
  • In the list of frequent essay writing mistakes, punctuation errors place one of the initial places and perhaps they're worth mentioning at first. Great command of English is a must in essay writing, so maintain balance in their usage.
  • Another mistake is using of inappropriate paragraph breaks. You usually think: I write my paper in accordance with all rules and express my ideas properly but nonetheless quite often you develop several ideas in one paragraph, that is entirely inappropriate. Long-winded paragraphs with several different ideas do not make much sense and seem strange.

Of course, you have a possibility to buy essay and avoid all these mistakes, as your essay will be definitely written by professionals, but still try to do it yourself and you will be satisfied with the result.